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Summer Gathering 2018

Our next gathering will be in Port Waikato, south west of Auckland, from 3-7 January 2018. The theme for this gathering is “The Heart of Belonging”.  The programme will be a mixture of led sessions and open discussions with plenty of opportunities for participants to contribute, either as part of someone else’s session or by setting up a session of their own. A month before the gathering 40 people had notified their intention to participate, including the following:

Riki and Freddy Anderson – Riki is a progressive heart-centred GP and proud mother of Freddy


David Jacobs – Director of The Outlook for Someday sustainability film project for young people.


Donald Joyce – I was overseas for the recent election and was surprised by the strong reaction I had on my return. Looking out the aircraft window at the green fields and blue waters, the bush-clad hills and islands, I knew I was home. Then, walking through the terminal, hearing the (recorded) birdsong and seeing the elaborate carvings, my heart was stirred with a strong sense of belonging and anticipation of positive changes to come.  My roots are deep in this land and I look forward to being with other heart politicians and celebrating all that unites us.


Fay Greenslade (mother, grandmother, sister, friend etc…) retired from her professional role in education to create a small organic, sustainable co-housing project on her urban 1/2acre section in West Auckland. The endeavour is, as always with organic processes, constantly evolving!


Richard Leckinger is a thespian and environmentalist with a passion for an unrubbished world


Emma Nelson – I’m a food-grower, earth-builder, permaculturist, ponderer. I come to Heart Politics to celebrate the year that has been and to renew my energy for the year ahead. I feel safe, encouraged, inspired, held and challenged at Heart Politics. It is a wonderful space to discover your own unique contributions and creativity.


Anthea Ogilvie – In the words of the song I have been singing lately, I’m coming to Heart Politics to feel –

“Home, I’m coming home
  I need the land to heal my soul
  Welcome Home, Welcome Home
  From over the green green hills and far away.”

Mark Skelding – deep thinker, frontier builder, enjoyer of life, musician

Yulia Von – a psychotherapist in training, a clinical sexologist. My work is focused on healing the shame related to sexuality and sexual expression. Heart politics is a wonderful way for me to meet amazing people, exchange ideas, learn, play, recharge, experience a unique sense of belonging and a true sense of community where everyone’s uniqueness is accepted and celebrated.

The Heart Of Belonging – a moving story

So many times, we hear that people (of any age) need a soft place to fall, a safe and nurturing environment, a chance to be fully accepted. This sense of belonging is very powerful. Heart Politics 2018 embraces Belonging – at all levels – and we were recently reminded and inspired by what happened at the end of our 2017 Gathering. Read this story from Samantha –

“On the back of a particularly challenging year, my 2 daughters and I approached our first Heart Politics Summer Gathering with a little trepidation. My elder daughter age 14 had been struggling at school, experiencing extreme social isolation and anxiety. I assured her that at the camp we would only participate as and when we wanted to. On this basis she came along, joined me in some group activities but purely as an observer. By the end of the camp I was feeling very warmly accepted and included, but it was still hard to tell how she had found it all.

On the final morning at the Closing Circle she sat on my left. We were invited to say a single word into the circle, if we wanted to, a word that described what we would be taking away with us from the Gathering. I had my turn and then from the left I was surprised to hear my daughter’s quiet voice say “Belonging”. I was then and still am so deeply moved when I think that she had found a place of acceptance and heart connection. In her own way and in her own time she came to feel that she, too, had a place she could Be Seen, Be Heard, Belong.”

Contact Donald Joyce (dcjoyce@xtra.co.nz) for further information or to register your intention to participate in the 2018 Heart Politics Gathering.

Map of Port Waikato camp