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The purpose of this page is to share items that connect the Heart Politics community and offer information on initiatives that have developed out of previous gatherings.

Bird watching in Huia

Bird watching is an exercise in ‘minding the Earth’. At our recent gathering, Richard Jakob-Hoff and Fay Collins led a workshop on this which included a discussion about birds and their relationships with people and other organisms, a ‘blind’ walk in which one person closed his/her eyes and tuned into their other senses as they were led around the beautiful Kiwianis gardens by a partner.  And then we went on a walk to find and identify birds in different habitats close by: coast and mudflats, open paddocks and lawns, trees and shrubs, houses and roadsides and, of course, the sky overhead.

HPx Gathering Holding Group

People who have been to a number of Heart Politics Gatherings volunteer to meet monthly during the year to plan and organise each Gathering.  New Heart Politicians are especially welcome to become part of the Holding Group and anyone is welcome at the meetings.  Contact us to learn more about how you can get involved.

Heart Politicians reach out to the world

“It is increasingly clear that the various challenges … – economic, environmental, climate, social and demographic – are interwoven and success ….can only be achieved through an integrated approach.”

– European Community: EU Cohesion Policy December 2013

Heart Politicians are creating, leading, working and volunteering with many organisations that are making a difference in our world, our country, the lives of individuals and other species on the planet.  They also create resources and foster relationships that benefit us all.

Here are some of the organisations, resources and contacts Heart Politicians re involved with/for:

The Outlook for Someday – A sustainability film project for young people

Transition NZ

Ecopsychology UK

Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood

Awhi Farm –  Centre for Sustainable Practice

LOOMIO –  online decision making tool
HOW COMMUNITIES HEAL –  writings on community change
ZENERGY UNLIMITED – New thinking about hierarchies, management, power and communities means that the familiar structures are being re-newed and re-vamped, and dynamic new technologies developed.

BLOCK AND McKnight –  writings and recordings on community
When the New Zealand Supreme Court ruled on Wi Parata v the Bishop of Wellington in 1877, the judges infamously dismissed the relevance of the Treaty of Waitangi. During the past 25 years, judges, lawyers, and commentators have castigated this “simple nullity” view of the treaty. Law professor, and long time Heart Politician, David Williams examines this story, and its contemporary implications.
Velcrow Ripper – is a lot like his movies — friendly, hopeful, full of electrifying ideas. An HPx guest in 2006, he is an award-winning filmmaker with dozens of films and videos under his belt, including Scared Sacred, named one of Canada’s Top 10 movies of 2004, and winner of the 2005 Genie (Canadian Academy Award) for best feature documentary.
Sohail Inayatullah – was an inspiring guest.  Click the link to see a recent TEDx talk.
Violence Free Waitakere – creates family focused events that are both fun and free, while promoting great parenting at the same time as violence prevention in our own community and beyond. They are at the heart of collaborative projects that not only outreach, but build lasting community resilience.
The Ākina Foundation – is growing social enterprise across New Zealand

Pure Advantage – is a not-for-profit organisation formed in the belief that by embracing green growth, New Zealand can realise a wealthier future that’s more sustainable in every sense.   And in coming to terms with the fact that economic growth and environmental sustainability are not necessarily mutually exclusive, we can arrest both our relative economic decline and our continued environmental degradation.
Communuty Mentors – has an exciting pilot programme underway in Taranaki. Contact them directly, through their website for more information

Business Mentors New Zealand – was established in 1991. It provides a mentoring service to businesses that are trading and have less than 25 employees.


Manology Vancouver

Great Fathers